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i have an 84 325e and im thinking of putting in a new engine, i dont know how soon though.. ive done some research and looked at some different engines but im wondering if there will be compadibility issues with different BMW engines or if they are mostly the same.. also if i get a much more powerful engine will it be too much power for the tranny or anything else? and if the engine weighs a lot more than the one i have now will it have a negative affect on the car somehow or how it performs? i only ask because i dont know a lot about cars but want to know more.
i have a 2.7L M20 Inline-6 for those who dont know.. it gets about 122 hp and when the engine goes i want an upgrade. i also hav lots of room under the hood for some reason so im pretty sure a slightly larger engine will fit.
the engines ive been looking into are the 2.5L M50 and the 3.0L M54.. the other engine i was looking at is the 2.5L N52 which i know is a lot newer but also more powerful as well as lighter than the engine i have right now and is the engine i want the most. does anyone hav experience or knowhow with this kind of stuff? let me know your thoughts or opinions
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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