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This forum seemed to be teeming with plenty of knowlegable folk from the BMW world.

I'm taking serious interest in purchasing an '02 325i listed locally. From what I have been able to tell thus far the vehicle is in fair condition for its' age, and well kept. I have several questions I was looking for help with.

The vehicle is listed for $9,500, and has 111,200 miles confirmed by odometer. Which leads to question #1 : Is this price reasonable for this vehicle?

Question #2 : I have been told many times that a BMW will last for MANY miles if maintained. Is this an accurate statement?

Question #3 : I am a rather well versed "shade tree" mechanic. I always take care of the regular maintenance on my vehicles myself. i.e. Oil Changes, Air Filter, Tire Rotation, Plugs/Wires, etc. Are these all things I can continue to do myself? Do I have to buy special tools just to do these things?

Are there any major known issues with this model/year that I need to be weary of ?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Answer #1 Seems decent as far as I know.

Answer #2 I have 191,000 on my e30, maintained regularly they will last FOREVER:)

Answer #3 All of those are easily done in your driveway, and so much more if you grab a Bentley Manual.

Good luck on the purchase, and post some photos for us!
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