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Hi everyone, I'm new to BMW's and also new to the forum. I just recently purchased an 01 325xi and its a beauty with 87000 miles, black on black and all. There are one or two things that have been bothering me since the purchase. The car resets itself every time i turn it off and back on, what I mean by that is that the trip odometer resets itself to 0 and the time also resets itself. At times the ABS, DSC, and Brake light come on and stay on in yellow or just don't come on at all. Those are the only two problems on the vehicle right now. The dealer that I purchased it from messed with the relays so I'm guessing that might possibly be the issue. They promised to fix it but every time I go they have some sort of excuse. Is there any way for me to fix the problem on my own?? I've been reading around and perhaps the battery needs to be replaced or the car needs an alignment or wheel balance for these lights to come off, I highly doubt its any of the sensors let alone the ABS sensor. Let me know if anyone has any solutions and thank you for your help.
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