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i came to work today, we got a new office and i can get here with no traffic. i can zoom down the highway and laugh at everyone going the opposite way.... so i'm zooming along and i pass this guy who's going really slow in an accord V6, turns out he works in my office, next door to my new cubicle. haha, i'm glad he didn't see me go by.

i got to a light right near the new office and tried to do a 0 to 60 launch since i've never done one. my car is quick as fuck from 0 to 50, then dies suddenly, i can't make it to 60 in 2nd gear which hurts the time a lot. i got to 50 in under 7 seconds!!!! and i got to 60 in just over 9 seconds i think. i want to find out a hp and torque curve for my car but can't find one on the net. i think my max torque comes under 4000rpm, because my car launches forward between 3000-4000 rpm in 2nd gear. after that it kinda dies down a bit.
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Hmmmm .... we need to overhaul your engine friend. Spark plugs, air filter, plug wires, replace the hampster doing laps in your engine, and you should be able to hit 60 from 0 in like 2.1 seconds. Oh yeah, we'll also need to change your seatbelts and get you a helmet.
well on the track with the helmet and seatbelts and all of my "luxuries" such as wheels, brakes, seats and other things taken aside, i ran a 4.2. it's in my sig..... but in the real world i get bogged down with all that extra weight
to the 15 people who viewed this and didn't respond-----> :cya
:gulp :thumbs :lol:
I'll tell you what, we'll swap in an M5 V10 and your car will probably go a little faster..
wait wait...WHAT kind of mazda crack are you smoking??? :bravo
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