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  1. 3-Series (E36)
    Hi everyone I was looking on getting some information on any engine swaps I could possibly do I have been looking and can’t quite figure out what I want thanks.
  2. 3-Series (E36)
    G'day, Looking for some help regarding the central locking on my '98 328i convertible. If I use the key in the door all the locks work as they should for locking and unlocking. However the remote function on the fob won't function at all. I've tried programming the key by turning the key to...
  3. 3-Series (E36)
    When cold starting my engine the RPMs will jump up to 4k and then dance in between 2 and 3k. I tried a different MAF as well as a different ICV. If I unplug the ICV it begins to do the more common idle dance between about 500-1500RPM. With the ICV plugged in, if I give it any throttle while its...
  4. My e36

    On the Side
  5. My e36

    next to a x3
  6. My e36

    Next to a M3
  7. My e36

    Just got done washing it
1-7 of 7 Results