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  1. 3-Series (E21, E30)
    Hi all im new to the whole E30 thing, just picked up a completely grandpa spec 1990 E30 318IS. Everything about the car is next to flawless......apart from my low beams not working. Ive tried working it out but just cant, dosnt even come on when i turn high beams on. When i pull the pully thing...
  2. 3-Series (E21, E30)
    So basically I bought a 1991 318i BMW with an M42 and it drove for about 2 hours until it decided to stall out right down the street from my house. Sounded like a fuel starvation problem so replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, and checked the tank for sediment/rust but it doesn’t seem bad in...
1-2 of 2 Results