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I bought this car of craigslist for a grand, it had the oh so crappy oil pump nut problem and the previous owner kept driving it so the original M50 was gone. My first plane was to rebuild the 2.5 but it was to far gone so I went down to Tampa and got a short block it was supposedly a M50 2.5 but it turned out to be a M52 2.8 so hay cool. I went through that engine and rebuilt it and added some other stuff to it like a lighter flywheel and a set of ebay headers (so far not a bad deal, will update) This car is a work in progress and look forward to posting all the things I do to it
1993 BMW 325IS (Black)


Now: M52B28 with headers, light weight flywheel, Turner Chip and CAI, NO resonators or Cats and custom exhaust (Florida has no emissions testing)
Soon: 3.5 MAF, 24 Lbs/hr Injectors, and S50 cams
was nasty tan but is now All Black with Vaders and suede headline, c pillars, arm rest, shift boot and E brake handle.
Angle Eye fronts, Smoked corners and tail lights. Customized early E36 front Bumper with BavAuto front lip. Custom aluminum undertray/w radiator and Brake ducting. Blacked out Grills and Carbon Fiber sunroof plug. Still needs a paint job and some bumps and bruises fixed
Stereo and that is it I cant tell you what kind because I don't know I still have not got the faceplate from the previous owner yet. After the car is done that will be the only Entertainment in the car it is a BMW not a Honda and it is meant to be driven not lived in so why would I wast money on tv's and shit when I can spend it on suspension our drivetrain upgrades.
Front: Myrle Control arms with solid ball joints Bwsport delrin eyeballs, New tierod ends with Turner Rack Stops, X brace, 15mm spacers and Coilovers
Rear: Turner Camber arms with Bearing, All Spherical joints for upper control arm, Powerflex RTAB, 15mm spacer and adjustable rears
Brakes: Turner cross drilled Rotors and Pagid Blue Pads, UUC lines all around and Brass caliper slides
Wheel and Tire
Stock 15x7.5 with 225/50 BFG G-Force



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