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325i sedan
baby blue
it was owned at first by an old lady, me and my grandpa own it now, i will be in full ownership within the month, it has the m20 i-6 2.5 l engine, four door sedan, some sort of rusted out aftermarket sideways exhaust, soon to be borla exhaust thankfully, currently is an autotragic(automatic) will also soon be a 5spd manual, trying to find differen rims, but has "bottle caps" on it as it sits. sunroof, has about 180k on the new motor, old motor had the block and intake still, heads were gone. soon to be on the road, and once it is 5 spd, will be put to the track at road atlanta raceway. thank you for reading about my car.
cameron hobby
p.s. if you have any tips, advice, or suggestions on things any opinion is taken thank you very much.
1989 BMW 325i sedan (baby blue)


m20 i-6 2.5l
stock so far,
soon to be borla exhaust but has some aftermarket muffler on it currently, unaware of th.e brand
tan leather, for its age damn near perfect. black plastic on dash, stock lighting int he car, would like some recaros if you have suggesitons on a cheap set of front recaros let me know please :)
bone stock, soon to have new rims, lowered 3 1/2 to 4 inches. will have diamond plating under oil pan ( no busted pans for me ;) ) baby blue, soon to be black.
will hopefully if i can find them have the e30 m3 fenders and bumpers. "hopefully" pirelli all the way around
sony xplod front kick pan speakers 3 1.4, vr3 hd above rear headrest 6x9, two 15' cobalt speakers in box 1600 watt amp (which is for sale cause frankly i donot want the speakers) im loking for two 10' subs
stock suspension, looking to find bilstien yellows
Wheel and Tire
i believe they are 14' but they are bottle caps 4x100 lug pattern, continental tires currently all bad, will be grabbing a set of pirellis as soon as possible.



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