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Real M
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Vehicle Name Real M
Year 2002
Make BMW
Model M5
Color Titanium Silver over Black with brushed aluminum t
Packages Everything except for PDC.
2002 BMW M5
History I am admittedly biased towards the E39 M5. While it wasn?t the last naturally aspirated M5 (E60), it has always been the best M5 ever built. Handles like a dream, enough tech to help keep you a bit safer with ESC, traction control and such, but you?re driving the car instead of a bank of computers driving the car for you. Perfectly balanced, not bloated like every successive model. And while I only have 400 HP, I find that it?s plenty enough for me to drive in overly spirited manner. Enough punch, handling and braking to help me avoid accidents that other cars/drivers couldn?t avoid. I don?t track the car. In fact, she?s got just 28,000 miles on her. Even with such low mileage (one of the lowest e39?s I know of), repairs and maintenance still get costly. Rubber gaskets, bushings, belts, et al still age with time; VANOS repairs (naturally); somehow broke part of the rear sway bar linkage. But I keep her in tip top condition. All she really needs is a new set of original M5 carpeted floor mats. These had Velcro attached on back to thin fabric lining sewn around perimeter of mat; this Velcro attached to Velcro in floor carpet. Over time, that lining tore away, and efforts to tape/glue/stitch the Velcro to actual mat never held. So mats remain, but don?t have method to hold them in place. Other that that, all other known problems have been addressed including: inside rear view mirror bubble; twisting front seats; LED dash lights.

My doctor wants me to buy an automatic b/c of problems with shoulder (from playing sports years ago), and occasionally shifting in heavy traffic gets painful. The problem is that after looking and test driving different models for the past 18 mos, I (seriously) can?t find anything that I?d rather have. Even with non-BMW dealer offers from $37-$40k (vs. original pre-tax, title of ~$74k; tax offset makes lower offer competitive if its framed as trade-in).

Window tint; Schnitzer aluminum pedals

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