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I just bought a '04 530i about 1.5 weeks ago. The first day owning it I experienced a static sound across the audio system that would not go away until the next time I drove it. This has sinced happened 3 times. Next, my key would not work remotely when I tried to use it after leaving work. Several times this has happened.
I called my BMW dealership and took it in. They told me there is a "bulletin" on the audio issue and the corporate technicians are "working on the issue". What ever that means.
They told me they could not replicate the key issue and that the car would not give them any error codes. They reset my key code and said it was probably user error. ??? Um, I think I know how to work a remote key.
Since receiving my car back yesterday I have experienced the key issue 2 more times. I have to manually unlock the door or trunk when the issue occurs.
Has anyone else experienced these problems? I think I am going to go into BMW and raise hell and demand they give me a new car or my money back.
This issue is very unfortunate because I love the car. Love the active steering at low speeds. That's what the active steering is designed give a true steering ration at low speeds so the driver doesn't have to swing the wheel around 2 revolutions to make a u-turn. I recommend people give the steering a little time to adjust. After the brain is re-trained the steering should seem wonderful.
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