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2008 X3 start / rough idle problems

X3 will not start. Engine turns over but will not start. I run a diagnostic on it and it shows a P1056 code along with a few other similar vvt codes. I continued to try cranking it, it eventually started up and displays the brake / 4x4 / dtc lights and runs rough and will not rev over 2k. I disconnect the battery. I had the battery tested and it is fine. after re installing the battery the car cranks and runs fine. So the car runs ok for a few days. Then back to the same, no start, eventually starts but runs rough and rpm wont go over 2k. Remove battery terminal, replace, Car starts and acts fine. What does this sound like? The car usually does run slightly rough when cranked on a cold start in the morning. I'm thinking there could either be something to Due with the VVT module or Camshaft Pos sensor. The car has 70k. I had an o2 code a couple of months back but I replaced the spark plugs and it remedied the o2 problem. So I just took the battery terminal off put it back on and everything is fine again Any thoughts???
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