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I build high end composites for some companies and I can say this. Building quality c/f stuff isnt exactly easy. Even in a vacuum form process you have no control on how the weave will set and the placement of material. Sorry but the process in which we build c/f stuff isnt bullet proff. Expect flaws when you buy cf, or else pay someone, like me, thousands and I will make you a flawless set(remember youll have to pay me for cad time, machine time and composite time.) Or pay someone like VIS with the essentials to make those parts but with flaws for a fraction less. One thing you dont have to put up is with shitty customer service. Id call back and complain and take it up with the highest person available, if that doesnt solve it, try to reach his boss and go on from there.

Its a lose/lose situation? Flawed part or dealing with shit fucks?

Greg Heart
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