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I'm not proud of this but about a 4 months ago i was on the North Circular and as i was overtaking some Asian dude and his family in a people carrier at about 80mph he decided to pull out next to me without looking - it was a very very close thing!

I very fucking nearly totalled my car and slammed on the brakes - and swerved all over the road

The little fellow actually realised what he had done and kind of waved an apology which was fine - sort of calmed me down a bit and stopped me actually wanted to kill him!

Anyway, I was shaken a little bit and when the adrenalin slowed down I pulled into the middle lane - then an old Ford Escort pulls alongside me and the guy winds his window down - I thought he was going to ask if I was ok or make some comment but instead he starts giving it to me - a load of fucking abuse about weaving all over the road and slamming on brakes in a thick Irish accent - he obviously didnt see what happened

NOW IM SERIOUSLY FUCKING PISSED OFF - and give it back to him - I dont want to offend any Irish users on here but this guy really fucking made me mad after nearly crashing and I'm calling him a bog trotter and potato muncher etc etc so he tries to run me off the road and I MEAN HE TRIED TO RUN ME OFF THE ROAD - so I'm off!

Anyway, the cunt chased me down all over North London for about 20 long fucking minutes and all the time I'm thinking bollocks this could go on for a long time and its obvious that he isnt going to let it go - yes I know Im in a 318 and he is in an Escort and should have lost him but the traffic was quite heavy and I couldnt shake the lunatic - he is even jumping red lights and using the hard shoulder to get me!

So at Ikea in Wembley I scream into the car park with him about 10 cars behind me...jump out the car grab my trolley jack and pool cue (I do actually play) from the boot and as he pulls round the corner I heaved the jack through the passenger side of his windscreen & screamed "lets go CUNT" at him and he just sat there - open mouthed the fucking bitch

Like I said I'm not proud and I'm still waiting to hear from the police - I actually drove back to Ikea that night to see if the cameras they have up would capture it happening - but it looks sweet because it was quite close to the entrance of the car park

I've lost a jack and quite possibly got myself some sort of suspended sentence for criminal damage and threatening behaviour - thank god I didnt throw it through the screen directly at him - BUT that fucker is NEVER going to chase anyone down again!

Fingers crossed I got away with it...but I doubt it - my solicitor thinks I might have a case for self defense and that he was using his vehicle as a deadly weapon -we'll see if it goes to magistrates - but as it has been quite some time I reckon the guy didnt want to get involved and just had his windscreen replaced

Lastly, I hope people on here dont think I'm some sort of mad thug who goes around chucking stuff through peoples windows - i'm not - unless you really fuck me off!

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