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INTENSE GRIP!!!!!!!!!& #33; My car measured 1.012G (Lateral) while one mulholland. My friend has to hold onto the open window sill on the door when he drives with me cause I don't have those upper handles and although I have a very nice recaro racing seat for myself my passenger has a very unsupportive stock seat.

So he holds the door and reads what I can get on the meter

You just have to drive ALOT!!! I have been driving all the canyons in the Stunt Road/Mullholland/Encinal/Decker area since I got my permit at fifteenl, and I know the entire pass by heart. It makes the biggest difference, especially at night cause you can drive alot harder.

Good lights help majorly at night as you can see the turn alot deeper.

It's a good idea to watch the center line as it connects the mountain. You can thus watch ahead to see how tight the road is carving in. You can also know exactly when it's safe to get on the gas. Helps to watch out for those decreasing radius turns. hmm wonder if anyone got this far?
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