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bitcore will become famous soon enough bitcore will become famous soon enough
Originally posted by komodo9@Sep 5 2004, 06:35 PM
Oh that SUCKS.* How old were you?* Pics!

my car's the white one.

more here the guy in the business clothes is my dad, you can obviously tell he's pissed just by his stance...

BTW, my dad did the skid marks on the garage at an earlier date, left tire needed some air :P
Also, it's all fixed now, it was just body damage, thank god.

I underesimated it's real power, let it loose, and fucked up. Don't let your kids fuck with a car with more than 200 horeses to the wheels unless they are with you for the first time in an empty parking lot or a track, Get them experience BEFORE they experiment on their own... Besides, it'll be a bonding moment.
If you do get a car for them with more than 200 horses, be sure you are able to wire the traction control on permanently (IE: remove the button and hide the wires to the button, and re-install it after they know what they are doing.)
Completely fair, they have their engine power, and they arn't allowed to burn\spin out.
I was lucky, I could have been dead, I could have killed other people, other children, I could have killed someone else and I stayed alive and be charged with vehicular manslaugher for the rest of my life... Oh, and I could have totaled the car :P
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