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Originally posted by Aydin@Aug 28 2004, 11:59 PM
337E46 Posted: Aug 28 2004, 10:42 AM

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QUOTE (Aydin @ Aug 17 2004, 10:09 AM)
QUOTE (rmen13 @ May 19 2004, 07:56 PM)
QUOTE (jpz @ May 8 2004, 06:06 PM)
I just bought a 99 323i and was wondering how to not have the heater/ac come on at start up. thanks

yea how do you make it so the ac/heater doesn't turn on when starting the car?

I was looking for an answer to this as well. Is it possible?

Does anyone know the answer to this????

You can't. It's automatic climate control. I have been dealing with this issue for several years. Just switch it off when you start the car. It's as simple as pressing a button.

I don't know why people come on these forums and talk like they know what their talking about. I just came back from the dealer today, and they say the vents should not come on when u start the car. Its a computer glitch and they fixed it.
Maybe for your 330.

It's not a computer glitch it's a preprogrammed setting in the E46's computer. The climate control issue is prevalent on 1998-1999 build e46's. Ask anyone with an e46 made on those dates.

It's changable but why bother getting raped by the dealer when all you have to do is press the button:

The sheet the dealer shows you is like ONE page long, with very few options on it. The real BMW sheet has like 7-8 pages of options.

Heating/Air Conditioning/Ventilation
Key Selective =active
not active
The IHKA temperature and air
distribution key-specific settings will be
recalled when set to “active”.

Air recirculation
=not active”
Air recirculation is retained after
restarting. This function is not key

Cooling output normal
=hot country
IHKA programming enhanced to
produce more cooling output when
selected to “hot country”. (Footwell and
defrost vents closed to allow more center
vent air for maximum cold air.)

Heating/Air Conditioning/Ventilation
Set fan power raise
The normal setting provides a direct correlation
between blower speed and displayed blower
speed wedge in the IHKA control panel.
“Raise” increases, “lower” reduces the speed.
Speed changes are not indicated on the IHKA

Open ventilation in
warm-up stage
Vents open during engine warm-up (if active) #
Flaps after KL 15 on yes
Default “manual” control of the vents will be
activated by switching the ignition on

Correction Set
+3 degrees
+2 degrees
+1 degree
= not active
-1 degree
-2 degrees
-3 degrees
The temperature setting in the display can be
corrected by the said amount. When positive
correction is selected, actual temperature in
the vehicle is higher then the IHKA display
indicates. The opposite is true for the “-“

Air Conditioning ON at: ignition ON
=with A/C button
The A/C compressor is switched on with the
ignition ON, or only when the “snow flake”
button is pressed.

Automatic blower
=not active
The fan blower speed is initially operated in the
AUTO mode when the ignition is switched on
(if active).

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