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Originally posted by Furious@Jun 12 2003, 05:45 AM
well yesterday i sent the car in for some recent problems. and my mechanic told me to stick around and do it myself. i was like awesome!, i wanna learn more about my car and yesterday was a big step. i took the alternator out and replaced it all by myself. (with a little guidence from the other 5-6 guys working there of course) and also did a basic oil change and sparkplug change and changed the P-steering fluid. the good thing is that my mechanic said i dont have to pay for anything, (i still had to pay for the alternator which i got from another place) the plugs and oil were almost free, the "almost" is that i have to come in sometime and work a half day. Now this is huge for me because i had asked earlier in the day , if i could come in sometime and work for free, (you learn so god damn much just sitting around watching what the mechanics do, especially these ones because they are friends of mine and explain why,when, how, where, who) yesterday was a big day, im another step closer to becoming a much more knowledgable BMW enthusist.
that's awesome you got to learn stuff about your car, i'd love to do that. it's sweet you got to help out and they didn't mind
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