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GLOBAL ENGINES 11-24-2012 04:28 PM

BMW Engines: Used / Rebuilt & High Performance
Hi, we specialize in BMW motors. All of our Used BMW Replacement Engines include a complete long block assembly - from valve cover to oil pan. The intake manifold, injection and wiring harness will be included, however, we suggest that you use your existing manifold and harness to guarantee correct fitment. All accessories such as the alternator, power steering pump and AC compressor, etc, are not included.

Once removed from the vehicle, these engines are compression and leak tested to confirm factory specifications. They are run to confirm correct oil pressure, expose oil leaks and test for any abnormal noises while running, unless otherwise noted. If they pass all of the above quality control tests, they are sealed up, spot cleaned, dried, and palletized for secure shipment.

Used Engines come with a 60 day warranty. We offer an extended 1 year warranty for an extra $100.00 and a 2 year warranty for $200.00.
Rebuilt Engines come with a 6 month warranty. We offer an extended 1 year warranty for an extra $100.00, a 2 year warranty for $200.00 and a 3 year warranty for $300.00

For rebuilt motors there is a $600 Core Charge on our engine, meaning if you donít have your old engine to send back we will charge an extra $600 to the total price listed.

Global Engines, Inc.
808 NW 9th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale FL 33311
Phone: 954-274-5121 Fax: 954-509-6171

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