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  1. BMW M5 Ends Production as Best Selling, Least Loved, Version Yet
  2. BMW's Carbon Fiber X5 Prototype Sheds 440 Pounds
  3. BMW Begins Hiring From Facebook, Twitter
  4. BMW Megacity Electric Car Teased as First Mass-Produced Carbon Fiber Vehicle
  5. Alpina B5 Biturbo Revealed at Goodwood
  6. Hans Nowack Edition BMW M5 Pumps Out Over 700-hp
  7. BMW Performance Releases Carbon Fiber Bits For M3
  8. Updated BMW iDrive Can Access Your BlackBerry; Read Your Emails to You
  9. BMW M8 Supercar Rumored to Get Hybrid V10 and All-Wheel Drive
  10. 2010 BMW X3 xDrive28i Review
  11. 2011 BMW 5 Series M Sports Package Revealed
  12. 2011 BMW 5-Series xDrive To Start At $52,775
  13. Limited Edition BMW M3 Frozen Gray Coupe Revealed
  14. Alpina B5 Teased Ahead Goodwood Festival of Speed Debut
  15. BMW Teases New M3 Model – Debut This Thursday
  16. BMW Recalls 1 Series for Fire Concerns
  17. Saab and BMW in Talks Over New Small Premium Model for Swedish Brand
  18. Not Coming to America: The BMW 5 Series Wagon
  19. GTHaus Makes Widebody M3 Kit Available To The Public
  20. BMW Recalling 2011 X5 And X6
  21. BMW To Build Stretch 3-Series For Chinese Market
  22. Lumma Design Goes Black and White On BMW X6 M
  23. Next-Gen BMW 3 Series to Get Turbo 3-Cylinder
  24. BMW X5 Celebrates One Millionth Model
  25. VF Engineering/Vorsteiner Widebody M3 Shows All Its Sides in Stunning New Photoshoot
  26. BMW M Boss Confirms Next M5 Will Get Turbo V8
  27. Emotion Wheels BMW M3 Makes 700-hp from Twin-Turbo 4.4-Liter V8
  28. 2010 BMW ActiveHybrid X6: First Drive
  29. BMW Gran Coupe Concept Headed to Production, Possibly as 6 Series Sedan
  30. Rolls-Royce Sales Up 146% as Luxury Automaker Looks to Double Volume in 2010
  31. BMW Megacity Electric Sports Car Under Consideration
  32. 2011 BMX X3 Preview: 300-hp xDrive35i Model, 8-Speed Automatic Transmission
  33. High-Powered BMW 1 Series M Confirmed for Next Year; But Won't Get M Badge
  34. BMW M3 GT2 Art Car Unveiled by Designer Jeff Koons in Paris, Ready to Race at Le Mans
  35. BMW's Electronic Noise Canceling Technology Makes Engines Quieter, Better and Even Fa
  36. Next-Gen BMW 6 Series to Get Turbo 6-Cylinder 640i Model, Plus AWD 650xi
  37. G-Power Announces A Pair Of BMW M3 Clubsport Models
  38. Alpina B3 S Boosts BMW 335i Horsepower By 33%
  39. BMW 3-Series Diesel Gets 1000 Miles On One Tank Of Diesel Without Hypermiling
  40. BMW 5-Series GT Selling Slowly, Lack Of 6-Cylinder Blamed
  41. BMW Z Spyder Stradale Rumored as Successor to Z8
  42. 3D Design Beautifies BMW Z4 With New Aero Bits
  43. AC Schnitzer Tunes BMW X6 M
  44. BMW M3 Competition Package Now Available With Frozen Black Matte Paint
  45. BMW 3 Series Hybrid Coming, 5 Series Hybrid Due Out Next Year
  46. BMW M3 GTS-R Rumored to be Final, Hardest-Core E92 M3 Yet
  47. BMW Tops Podium at Nurburgring 24 Despite Field Stacked Full of Porsches, Audis
  48. BMW Looking to Increase Pre-Orders in the U.S.
  49. Report: New Front Drive BMW Hatch to Share 1 Series Badge
  50. BMW M3 GTS Officially Launched in Europe With Performance Stats and Video
  51. BMW 5 Series Diesel Confirmed for North America
  52. Hamann Tunes BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo
  53. BMW Releases New Pictures Of Concept Gran Coupe, Sparking Rumors Of 8-Series Return
  54. BMW Fanatic Gets Proper Tombstone, Neighbors Roll Over in Their Graves
  55. 2010 BMW X5 M Review
  56. BMW Z4 sDrive35is Mille Miglia Celebrates 70th Anniversary of BMW's Historic Race Win
  57. Read Emails In-Car with BMW, BlackBerry, and Bluetooth [video]
  58. BMW Security Vehicles Are Serious Business
  59. Bavarian Police Test BMW X3 for Active Duty
  60. BMW Announces Return to DTM After 20 Year Absence
  61. Report: BMW To Expand Carbon Fiber Use Across Model Range
  62. Jeremy Clarkson Calls BMW X1 "Rubbish"
  63. Report: BMW Gran Coupe Will See Production
  64. Hong Kong Audi Dealership Hoodwinked with BMW Billboard
  65. BMW Gran Coupe Concept Debuts at Beijing Auto Show, Looking to Take On Panamera
  66. Extended Wheelbase BMW 5 Series to Debut at Beijing Auto Show
  67. Report: BMW May Suspend SUV Production in South Carolina
  68. Vorsteiner GTRS3 Widebody M3 Unveiled [with Video]
  69. BMW 5 Series GT to Get xDrive All-Wheel Drive Option
  70. GTHaus Presents Meisterschaft Widebody E92 BMW M3
  71. "Concerned" Scientists Give BMW X6 Hybrid a Failing Grade
  72. Spied: BMW 1 Series M (M1) Caught Testing on the Nürburgring [with Video]
  73. Report: BMW M3 Sedan to be Phased Out With Current Generation
  74. 2010 BMW 750Li xDrive Review
  75. New York 2010: 2011 BMW 5 Series North American Premiere at NY Auto Show
  76. New York 2010: BMW 335is Debuts With Added Looks, Power and Awesomeness
  77. 2010 New York Auto Show News Coverage
  78. 2011 M5 will have a 4.4L V8 Twin Turbo
  79. 2011 BMW 5 Series Priced from $50,475
  80. 2010 New York Auto Show Preview
  81. New York Preview: 2011 5 Series the Star Attraction for BMW at NY Auto Show
  82. Report: Next BMW M3 to Get 450-hp Twin-Turbo Six
  83. Report: 80 Percent of BMW 1 Series Drivers Think Their Car is Front-Wheel Drive
  84. Vorsteiner Introduces BMW X6 M Tuning Package
  85. New Front-Wheel Drive BMWs Coming Says CEO
  86. 2011 BMW 5 Series Touring Announced for Europe
  87. Report: BMW Planning New Front-Drive Model On Next MINI Cooper Platform
  88. Report: BMW 1 Series M Not Coming, Look for 135is Instead
  89. Geneva 2010: BMW Concept 5 Series ActiveHybrid Is a Blue Look at BMW’s Green Future
  90. Geneva 2010: New 2011 BMW 5 Series Officially Unveiled
  91. 2010 Geneva Auto Show Coverage
  92. Geneva Preview: BMW Concept 5 Series ActiveHybrid
  93. Geneva Preview: BMW M3 Competition Package Adds Track Appeal
  94. 2010 Geneva Auto Show Preview
  95. Chicago Auto Show 2010 Coverage on
  96. 2011 BMW X5 Gets All Turbo Engines, $46,675 Base Price
  97. BMW, Peugeot Citroen Extend Partnership to Build New 4-Cylinder Engines
  98. Report: BMW Bringing Two New Small Cars to Market by 2014
  99. Report: BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Headed for Production in 2013
  100. Report: 2011 BMW X6 Gets New Single-Turbo Engine, 8-Speed Transmission
  101. BMW 335is Officially Announced With 320-hp, Optional 7-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission
  102. Report: BMW M3 to Get Optional Competition Package
  103. Leaked: BMW 335is Photos Slip Out Ahead of Official Debut
  104. Leaked: BMW 335is to Get 322-hp, Optional 7-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission
  105. 2011 BMW 3 Series Coupe, Convertible Get Facelift, 335i Gets More Efficient Engine
  106. Report: 2011 BMW M5 Headed for Geneva Debut With 578-hp
  107. Detroit 2010: BMW 740i Brings 7-Series to a Slightly More Affordable Level
  108. Detroit 2010: BMW Z4 sDrive35is Debuts With 335-hp
  109. Detroit 2010: BMW Concept Active E Presented at Detroit Auto Show
  110. 2010 Detroit Auto Show Coverage
  111. Detroit Preview: 2011 BMW 3-Series Gets Updates, Plus More Powerful 335is Model
  112. Report: BMW 1-Series M-Car Coming With 350-hp
  113. 2010 Detroit Auto Show Preview
  114. Report: Next BMW M5 to Get Aluminum Chassis, Carbon Body and F1-Style KERS System
  115. Report: North America getting Six-Cylinder BMW 7 Series
  116. Detroit Preview: BMW Concept ActiveE
  117. Detroit Preview: Higher-Performance BMW Z4 sDrive35is set for Detroit Debut
  118. 2010 BMW Z4 sDrive30i Review
  119. Report: BMW 1 Series M Car to Get 400-hp, Lower Curb Weight
  120. Report: BMW to Build Hybrid M1 Supercar
  121. LA 2009: BMW X6 ActiveHybrid Makes M Power, Passable Fuel Economy
  122. LA 2009: BMW Declares War on Lexus LS Hybrid with 455-hp ActiveHybrid 7
  123. LA 2009: BMW's Futuristic Turbo-Diesel Plug-in Hybrid Arrives in LA
  124. 2009 LA Auto Show Coverage On
  125. 2009 LA Auto Show Preview
  126. Breaking: BMW Unveils 2011 5 Series
  127. Report: 2010 BMW 5 Series Partially Revealed Ahead of Debut
  128. Report: BMW's Wild Turbo-Diesel Plug-In Hybrid Concept Car Headed to LA Auto Show
  129. Report: Head of BMW's Performance Division Pushing for 1 Series M-Car
  130. 2010 BMW 5 Series GT: First Drive
  131. Report: Sadly, BMW Confirms M3 GTS Not Headed to U.S.
  132. Report: BMW to Offer 4-Cylinder Diesels in North America
  133. Video: BMW Teases 2011 5 Series
  134. Video: BMW M3 GTS Videos Released
  135. Report: BMW Unveils Light Weight M3 GTS With 450-hp
  136. 2009 SEMA Show Coverage
  137. SEMA Show Preview 2009
  138. Spied: Possible BMW M3 CSL Model Caught on Nürburgring
  139. 2009 BMW Z4 sDrive35i Review
  140. Report: BMW Building 0 Series on 3rd Gen MINI Platform
  141. Report: Next 6 Series "Best-Looking BMW in Years" Says U.S. Boss
  142. Report: BMW to Bring Back M1 Exotic Based On Wild Frankfurt Concept Car
  143. Limited offer: Attend SEMA Show 2009
  144. Frankfurt Auto Show 2009
  145. Frankfurt 2009: BMW xDrive 750i Gets Quiet Introduction
  146. Frankfurt 2009: BMW 7 Series Hybrid Faster and More Fuel-Efficient
  147. Frankfurt 2009: BMW 5 Series GT Official World Premiere
  148. Frankfurt 2009: BMW X6 ActiveHybrid Debuts With 480hp
  149. Frankfurt 2009: BMW Officially Unveils X1 Crossover
  150. Frankfurt 2009: BMW Officially Unveils Vision Efficient Dynamics Plug-In Hybrid Turbo
  151. Frankfurt Preview: BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics gets 57.4 mpg
  152. Frankfurt Auto Show 2009 Preview
  153. Report: BMW "Augmented Reality" Glasses Show Mechanics How to Fix A Car
  154. Report: BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept is a 356hp Plug-in Hybrid Turbo-Diesel
  155. Report: BMW Efficient Dynamics Concept Teased
  156. Report: Next BMW 5 Series Getting Two Hybrid Engines, Including a Hybrid Diesel
  157. BMW X6 ActiveHybrid is World’s Most Powerful Hybrid With 480hp
  158. Report: BMW Unveils ActiveHybrid 7 Series
  159. Spy Photos: Mystery BMW Partialy Revealed Ahead of Frankfurt Auto Show Debut
  160. BMW to Debut Green Sports Car Concept at Frankfurt Auto Show
  161. BMW Pulls Out of Formula One
  162. Report: BMW Looking to Bring Back 4-Cylinder Engines to the U.S.
  163. BMW 5 Series GT May Replace Sport Wagon Model in U.S.
  164. 2009 International Engine of the Year Winners Announced
  165. BMW Planning 3 Series Gran Turismo for 2011
  166. BMW to Finally Offer 7 Series With All-Wheel Drive
  167. 2011 BMW M5 Spied Out Testing
  168. Official BMW X1 Photos Leaked
  169. BMW Poised to Oust Lexus as Top Selling Luxury Brand in the U.S.
  170. BMW's Electric City Car to Launch in U.S. in 2012
  171. BMW 7 Series M Sport Photos Leaked
  172. 2009 BMW X3 xDrive 3.0i Review
  173. Next BMW M5 to Get Regenerative Braking System
  174. BMW X1 Prototype Spied Mostly Uncovered
  175. BMW to Expand 1 Series Lineup Significantly With 13 Different Versions
  176. BMW X1 xDrive 23d Prototype
  177. BMW M7 Spied Testing in Germany
  178. BMW 5 Series GT Officially Revealed
  179. 2009 BMW 750i review
  180. BMW 5 Series GT Spied Testing in Germany
  181. Future BMW 1-Series and 3-Series to Get Turbocharged 3-Cylinder and 4-Cylinder Engine
  182. BMW X1 Caught Undisguised
  183. BMW Undercuts Mercedes and Porsche With X5 M and X6 M Pricing
  184. New York Auto Show
  185. BMW X6 M and X5 M Both Set to Premiere in New York
  186. G-Power Typhoon: Widebody 525 Horsepower X5
  187. BMW Bringing X6 M To New York Auto Show
  188. Bimmerworld BMW 328i Clinches Victory at First 2009 Touring Car Race at Sebring
  189. Next Generation BMW M3 to Get Turbo-6
  190. AC Schnitzer Debuts Makeover for New BMW 7 Series
  191. BMW Confirms 5 Series Gran Turismo for Production
  192. Geneva Auto Show 2009
  193. Official: BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo Revealed
  194. 2009 BMW 335d
  195. 2009 BMW X5 xDrive35d First Drive
  196. Chris Bangle Quits BMW… and the Auto Industry
  197. is changing...
  198. Possible BMW X5M, X6M Prototypes Spotted In Spartanburg
  199. Dinan to boost 2008 Bmw M3 to 628 hp
  200. BMW 7-Series new video released
  201. BMW introduces Competition Package for M6 Coupe
  202. Future BMW M Models will use hybrid technology
  203. 2011 BMW M5 Spotted Lapping The 'Ring
  204. BMW M1 Hommage Concept
  205. BWM Sales on the Increase for first half of year
  206. Diesel BMW 335 Spied, To Hit US Shores By Fall
  207. Next BMW M5 will nix V10 in favor of twin-turbo V8
  208. Leaked: 2009 BMW 7 Series photos hit the web via
  209. 2010 BMW X6 ActiveHybrid Spotted In Death Valley, No Spotted Owls In Sight
  210. Bmw M3 Csl
  211. 2009 BMW 7-Series Teases German Golfers
  212. 2009 BMW 335d Diesel Testing In U.S., Features Bluetec-Style Peeburner
  213. 2010 BMW X5 Spotted With 4.4-Liter 408 HP Twin-Turbo V8 From X6
  214. 2010 BMW 5-Series Spotted At The Ring, We Get All Up In Its Grille
  215. Gina Concept
  216. BMW will invest another $270 million to expand in U.S.
  217. G-Power Rocks Us With 635 HP M6 Hurricane Convertible
  218. 2009/2010 BMW M3 Sedan
  219. BMW M-Zero Concept
  220. BMW approves tii versions of 1- and 3-Series
  221. Franken M3 To Warp Space and Time When Complete!
  222. BMW Ship Tips, Damaging 370+
  223. New ///M3 n00bsafe?
  224. BMW Returns to Le Mans With New M3
  225. Finally, honesty in displacement naming schemes!!!
  226. New M3 Sedan : Official Pics
  227. New M3 Cabrio: Official Pics
  228. Mercedes and BMW deal expected by year end
  229. BMW's South Carolina plant to boost output, needs more workers
  230. Detroit '08 Preview: BMW does diesel, will show US-spec X5 xDrive35d and 335d
  231. Dinan strokes the M5/M6's V10 to 5.7-liters, 628 hp
  232. Hartge goes off-roading with the X3 "Hunter"