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Originally Posted by zabe 1 View Post
Help ?? 1989 535i
Problem. when started idles for a few seconds,then starts running rough.put foot on accelerator doent seem to have any power. missing running rough smell of rich fuel from Exhaust.Any advise appreciated Thanks
Turn key to on, Floor accelerator 5 times within 5 seconds, count the "check engine" light flashes. It will flash out the code that the on-board computer has in it, and possibly the problem. With my 535i - Mass airflow sensor. You'll have to search and look up the meaning of the codes. For example: 1 flash, short pause, 4 flashes, short pause, 3 flashes, short pause, 1 flash, LONG pause would be trouble code; 1431 (not an actual code, by the way...) Good luck
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