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Pretty easy way to tell if the adjusters are broken. Open the hood and grab the back of the lens housings and give them a little wiggle. If the adjusters are broken the whole inside assembly will move around- wiggle the other side to see how they compare- They should be solidly attached but if it wiggles around you have a really big job ahead of you in replacing the inner adjusters. I know as I just did my drivers side adjusters. Seems BMW made a design change in 2001 to make the black plastic back housing one piece where the 2000 and olders were two piece and easily separated. Several aftermarkets make replacements adjusters- you can google e39 xenon headlight adjusters and take your pick of plastic or aluminum. It took me the better part of 5 hours working the lens away from the housing. These two are glued together and obviously not meant to ever be taken apart, BUT once you get them apart replacing the adjusters is easy and you simply glue the housing back on the lens. Be patient and take your time if you tackle this one. You don't want to break either part as they are WAY expensive to replace. Good luck!
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