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I have tried with it up on jack stands,maybe 10 inches up,maybe too much raising the car? I didnt try with it up just a few inches though. I dont think i have a leak but maybe its not circulating into heater core enough,thats why was wondering if maybe heater hose or something is plugged to heater core,if the car doesnt overheat does that mean no blockage anywhere? I have warmed it,but should i warm it then shut off and fill overflow while bleeder is open,is that what you mean LordVador? i even drilled a tiny hole in top of thermostat to help bleed it,think thats messing with me? Have also drained block and no foreign materials came out either. My daughter has my car so really need to figure it out,lol. Thanks so much LORDVADOR as you're the only one willing to help me figure this out and i REALLY APPRECIATE IT
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