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No Heat 06 525xi automatic

Hi guys, im still stuck with this no heat issue in my 06 525xi automatic, but i think i have narrowed it down to the point of it being beyond my knowledge,LOL. I removed the water valve tested it and it works, i also bypassed it still no difference,further i back flushed the core, so i know its fine, or think rather. Lastly i know the aux pump works because when doing the bleed procedure you can hear it pushing the coolant around. So, what i have narrowed it down to is that there is no hot coolant getting to the heater valve, or heater core. I let the car warm right up where the fan begins spinning, and held the in hose to the water valve, and the out hose from the heater core, and there both cold. I can pinch them with my hand no problem. My car was in an accident and radiator along with hoses ect were replaced. But the car doesnt overheat.. :S? Im completely stumped... i know there is coolant getting to the valve but its not getting pushed enough or something, maybe a hose was put on wrong. Feeling the in hose to the water valve it gets gradually warmer towards the upper rad hose, but as u move closer to the valve it gets cold. I really need to fix this just hurts to see this car sitting here now.
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