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DPE forged you a set of rims, hmmm. They should be well aware of the limitations of the offset for your car.
(Pointed question, sorry, did you specifically ask for the largest rim that could fit? Or, did you ask for something else? And did they advise you on your choice? The widest rim is not necessarily the best choice....I'll take a low aspect ration over width, IMO.).
May I offer this, if you still have the original rims/tires put them back on. Before you do, chalk mark the inside face/edge of the tire down the sidewall about an inch at the quarter points. Take it to your favorite twisty road and enjoy the ride, this gets the tire patch moving side to side a bit. When you get back check out the chalk marks. If you do have evidence of rubbing at the point of the flat meeting the sidewall then the offset isn't the issue. (While you're under there look EVERYWHERE for a highly polished surface)
Now, if you find no rubbing. It's got to be offset.....I was almost going to say that you may have a suspension component that isn't where its supposed to be but if you have this condition at each corner....well. forget that. And forget the bad shock(s) theory....unless they all went simulateously.
And, and, you haven't made any other changes under there? Lowered, stainless steel brake lines, etc....I'm not castin aspertions just looking for solutions. later, t
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