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It is an automatic. I have had yet more work done but still no fix! Had new ignition coils, 2 exhaust boots replaced....and STIILL have the viberation/noise happening! It kind of sounds like driving over the cuts in the road before a toll to slow you down.... It's been scaned on computer twice and is not showing any codes... I find it does it most between 50-60 KM an hour when barely touching the gas (like you are stuck behind a slow poke and can't give it gas) ...and on the highway when going over 110 km an hour it sounds louder and not as much power. ANYONE, have this problem or an idea what it could be? I have spent $1400 in 3 weeks on my car and it is still not fixed! Oh an the RPM still fluctuates a little bit while on highway going up hill.

Thank you...
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