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Puppeli 02-17-2013 02:11 AM

e39 offsets for 19", 9"/10" for tires 255/35-19, 275/30-19
This is an old question and every one seems to have a different answer.

This set up is going in my e39 540i with Eibach springs and bars (30-40mm lower) with Koni FSD's. Front camber adjustment and rolled fenders all around.

So are there anyone that can tell me for sure what are the offsets for this set up?

I know it can be done without rubbing or changing or removing rear linings. There are happy people and I want to be one of them and get it right the first time and not get in the play with spacers and re machining the wheels to fit. I have spend good part of the day reading forums around this matter and I'm no wiser.

Puppeli 02-19-2013 10:23 PM

I found this tread from another forum and it is very interesting and looks really good. 19"10" ET25 on all four corners with 275/30-19 tires.

Photoshoot: Forgestar F14, 850CSi FW/clutch and more... - BMW M5 Forum and M6 Forums

This car is with coilovers and 5mm spacers but has anyone got any information for standard style suspencion. What I have heard is that coilovers take more room out of the tire and wheel having the spring behing the tire when standard style has the spring on a collar on top of the tire on front. Reason I ask is because I don't like spacers and my driving style is very aggressive. Having spacers is not the best option and I would like this set up with all four corners the same because it gives you the freedom to rotate your tires to get more out of them and it looks really good. I could go with ET20 without the spacers if it fits but ET 25 would give little more gap between fenders and I like that little better than really aggressive look that has potencial to rubbing. I know there is rolling the fenders and adjusting rear linings for the fit but first I need to clear suspension.

So is there anyone that has some information abour this set up.

Puppeli 02-19-2013 10:50 PM

The same question was asked on that other forum and tread but didn't really give any answers to standard style suspension.

Puppeli 02-21-2013 07:32 PM

Comon people I'm sure there are some that have tried different options for the front and have an idea of how much room there is to fit a wheel and tire to the front.

Puppeli 02-21-2013 07:46 PM

I think there are many people that are interested of offsets. Please tell everyone what you have and the offsets. If you have a picture or two to show the clearence to people that would be great. Personaly I'm interestet to see pictures behind the wheel to see the gap to suspension on front. So if you can just stick your phone there and post the picture to everyone to see. If you tried and it went horrible wrong please tell because there is so much information in the net and every one has different story and many dealers give the wrong information or they are just too scared to go to the limit.

E39m5 03-05-2013 04:27 PM

I am using ST-Tech (KW) adjustable on my 2000 M5 and I am running 19x8.5 - 18MM - 255x35x19 & 19x10.0 - 25MM - 285x30x19. Car is lowered several inches front and rear. No rubbing. No mods. Very clean look. I can post pictures if you want it.
Had 5 people in the car and was going reasonably fast on a highway. No rubbing of any kind.

Puppeli 03-05-2013 06:33 PM


Originally Posted by E39m5 (Post 653132)
I am using ST-Tech (KW) adjustable on my 2000 M5 and I am running 19x8.5 - 18MM - 255x35x19 & 19x10.0 - 25MM - 285x30x19. Car is lowered several inches front and rear. No rubbing. No mods. Very clean look. I can post pictures if you want it.
Had 5 people in the car and was going reasonably fast on a highway. No rubbing of any kind.

That sounds good. I think you ment +offset. It would be good to see the fit and stance. I'm thinking of keeping the standard style suspension but the offset would be the same as on this fit. Since my first post I'm looking for a square fit too for 275/30-19 on 10"wheel. I think ET25 would work but I haven't decided yet and not sure about the offset on front. On standard style suspension I think it will fit but need someone to say that it did to be sure.

It would be good to see your wheel choise too. I'm looking for forgestar F14's but not set yet.

E39m5 03-05-2013 08:44 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Yes, the offset measurements are in +18MM and +25MM.

I am not sure how you'd fit 19x10 with 275x30 tire in the front. If the car was not lowered, than it might fit, but otherwise I don't think it would be possible with out rolling fenders, etc. or wide-body kit, as I am pretty sure that E39 M5 and E39 540 has about the same specs when it comes to offset, width, etc.

Out of curiosity, why would you want to run such wide rim & tire in the front? If you were running 19x11 or 19x12 in the rear, I can see running 19x10 in the front, but otherwise it seems like a lot of unnecessary extra weight on the steering column, etc. Plus handling might be a little weird.

Here is picture of my ride.

Puppeli 03-06-2013 01:53 AM

I like it a lot. That is about the drop that I’m looking too. I wasn’t really sure about the 285’s at the back but it looks perfect and the tire high is optimum as 275 is little lower. I like the tail lights too. I got the same Hella lights but they are still in a box waiting till I get everything else I want. Those wheels suit nicely on your color.
HaHa you are not the first to tell me that I’m nuts to think about 275 square fit but check this out. It is a tread from m5board. The link is on one of my previous post.
Photoshoot: Forgestar F14, 850CSi FW/clutch and more...
E39 M5 with 275/30-19 square on 10” wheels ET20 with GC coilovers. I have standard suspension and I think I can get away with ET25, just to have little more room and little less camber. I do have camber/caster adjustment for front and I know I will need to roll the fenders and maybe little more to be sure but it looks really nice and aggressive. And to be honest I thought that it would look odd but I was wrong. What do you think?

E39m5 03-06-2013 10:13 AM

yeah that E39 M5 looks clean. But I've always been a fan of stagger set up on E39 and E38 bimmers. In my opinion stagger setup just give that perfect aggressive look to the car.
But squares are OK too. I guess it all comes down to the preference of the driver.

I am actually going to raise the rear about 1/4 of inch. I am having bad camber wear in the rear. I think I dropped it a little too low. I get about 10K-miles out of the tires, which is low. So I am going to bring rear up about 1/4 of inch and maybe run with 295x30x19 in the rear to fill in the space. If you are curios, I'll post an update after about 10K miles (one year or so).

Puppeli 03-06-2013 07:05 PM

I haven’t decided yet. They both look good. Staggered is easy to do but like the rear tire ware and tire life could be much better on squared fit when you can rotate your wheels to give them an even wear. There is price as I’m sure I need some fender pulling on the front just to be sure there is no rubbing under load.
At the moment I have very modest 245/40-19’s square on 8” wheel and I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the rear camber. I needed little more to the back to get some of the nervousness of the car. In 540 there is a camber adjustment. I would say you have that too. You do have different differential and physical look is different so there is good chance that there is little differences between the cars. I always thought that M5 and 540 was almost same, M5 being the beefed up version and having more adjustments like camber/caster for the front. The camber adjustment is next to the differential in 540’s
It would be good to know how you go with 295 at the back. From my last set of Contis I got just over 40000km with regular rotation and I do have very aggressive driving style. I think that is the main reason I’m thinking of square fit is the tire ware. I did drive those tires up to 45000km till I got booked. The grip was just too good and getting better but the nice police man didn’t agree with me.

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